Membership Subscriptions

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Annual Membership Subscriptions are due on September 1st each year, unless you only became a member after April 5th of that year, in which case your membership is valid until the following September, giving up to five months free in your first year of membership. But do join now, to enjoy this society!

Student Membership* Individual Membership Household Membership (2) Corporate Membership
£10.00 £20.00 £30.00 £45.00

The above standard subscriptions are for mailings by email. Costs of mailings by post, if preferred, are listed on our membership subscription form.

* Full time students, under 25 years old, on production of their student ID

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Please click here for our printable Membership Subscription form

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Please click here for printable Standing Order Mandate form and bank details for online payments

For Information and Membership contact:
Margaret Broadbent
27 Drakefell Road
SE14 5SL
Tel: 020 7639 7593