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Film Screening, ‘Grass’ (1925)

27th JUNE 1 - 3pm

The 1925 film GRASS about the migration of the Bakhtiari tribes

This classic silent film was made in 1925, by three Americans who made their way across Turkey and Iraq to meet the Bakhtiari in their winter quarters and follow them and their flocks over swollen rivers and up over snow-covered mountain passes to reach their summer pastures. It is a very dramatic film and shows clearly how tough life was for the nomads in those days.

The screening is hosted by ORTS in conjunction with Hali Publications as part of HALI London (24-30 June 2019). This festival, celebrating the 200th edition and 40th year of HALI magazine, is devoted to the art and history of rugs and textiles, and comprises a Symposium, Fair at the Mall Galleries, Tour and other Events. More information can be found at

Rachel Meek, Assistant Editor and Tour Manager at HALI says: ‘We would be pleased to extend the substantial HALI subscribers’ discounts offered on HALI London tickets to ORTS’ members, whether they have an active HALI subscription or not (although we hope many will!). We can also offer 30 free places for ORTS members to attend the Grass screening, regardless of whether they are HALI London ticket holders or not. Members interested in this option should please RSVP to


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