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Traditional clothing from Ukraine with specific focus on Carpathian Mountains region

21st FEBRUARY 2018 at 7pm

A talk by Nataliya Cummings (Ukraine)

Natalya says “I graduated in Ukraine as a theatre director. I have always been interested in theatre costumes and specifically in ethnic Ukrainian textiles, so when I moved to U.K. I opened a small business of organising sustainable eco tours to rural areas in Transcarpathia and Carpathian Mountains with specific interest in local traditional crafts and textiles. I also bring beautiful handwoven and hand embroidered pieces from Ukraine to sell at different vintage events around the country. Next year we are running 2 textile based tours. Lviv City Tour (9-13th May 2018), and Lizhnyk Weaving Tour (15-22nd May 2018).”

Nataliya is now settled in UK with her young family and deals in the textiles of her homeland. She also arranges textile tours to Western Ukraine and such a tour is currently under discussion.


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