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The Journal of the Oriental Rug and Textile Society is published three times a year. Contributions are welcomed from members and non-members.


Please send articles, ideas for articles and proposals for book or exhibition reviews to Dr Fiona Kerlogue at Copy deadlines are 1st February, 1st May and 1st September each year.


For information on length, format and style, please see Guidelines for Contributors or contact the editor.

Past issues and subscriptions 

Issues of the journal published more than 3 years ago are available to download as PDF files here. Past issues of the journal dating back to the 1980s are available to view in PDF form in the Members' Area of the website. A few printed back issues of recent journals are available for sale. For all journal enquiries please contact the editor.

Recent issues: front covers and contents

Spring 2024


  • Eri silk: Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Production in        Northeast India. Anna-Louise Meynell.

  • Handwoven durries of Rajasthan: Interlacing threads and traditions. Anjali Karolia and Kriti Sharma.

  • Selected elements of Mordvin costume from the collections of the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw. Justyna Laskowska-Otwinowska, Karolina Skóra, Krystyna Tomasik.

Book reviews

  • Chinese Dress in Detail by Sau Fong Chan.

  • Pull of the Thread: Textile Travels of a Generation by Sheila Fruman.

  • Unravelling the Silk Road: Travels and Textiles in Central Asia by Chris Aslan.

Autumn 2023


  • Rugs and Textiles in Polish museums: Warsaw and Krakow. Dimity Spiller and Gavin Strachan.

  • Travels in Guatemalan Textiles: Ann Hecht's first visit. Jane Gordon.

  • A Visit to Sant'Antioco in search of silk: the secret of Byssus. Sheelagh Killeen-Rees.

Book reviews


  • Global Ikat: Roots and Routes of a Textile Technique, edited by Rosemary Crill.

  • Byzantine Silk on the Silk Road, edited by Sarah E. Braddock Clarke and Ryoko Yamanaka Kondo.



Summer 2023


  • Geometry as a reflection of stars and zodiac signs on Konya rugs (Part 1). Roberta Marin.

  • The Heritage of Cambodia’s tie-dye textiles. Gillian Green.

  • The Samatoa Lotus ‘Silk’ Farm near Siem Reap, Cambodia. Sheelagh Killeen-Rees.

Book review


  • At the Seams: A Political History of Palestinian Embroidery by Rachel Dedman.



  • Textile Arts of Mexico. Chloe Sayer.



  • Nour Hage: Kheit at Leighton House, London.

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ORTS Autumn 2023 cover.jpg
ORTS Summer 2023 cover.jpg

Spring 2023


  • Playful Abundance: Lampung tapis from the Dallas Museum of Art. Mary-Louise Totton.

  • The Buta (Paisley) Motif and Its Use in Azerbaijan Kelaghayi. Valide Pashayeva.

Gallery review


  • Asia and Pacific Museum, Warsaw.

Book reviews


  • The Art of Cloth in Mughal India by Sylvia Houghteling.

  • Sea Change: Ottoman Textiles between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean by Amanda Phillips.

Autumn 2022



  • Azerbaijani Carpet Weaving: Origins and Modernity. Shirin Melikova.

  • Balkan Saddlebags primarily from the collections of Timothy and Penny Hays. Andy Dailey and Tim Hays.

Book Review


  • Anatolian Tribal Rugs 1050-1750: The Orient Stars Collection by Michael Franses, with contributions from Anna Beselin, Walter B. Denny, Eberhart Herrmann, Klause Kirchheim, Jurg Rageth and Cosima Stewart. 


  • ORTS visit to the Burrell Collection September 2022. Dimity Spiller.

ORTS Autumn 2022 front cover.jpg

Summer 2022



  • The diversity of the weaving designs of the tribal groups of the Fars and Kerman Provinces of southern Persia. Paul Benjamin.

  • New Inroads in the Study of Malay Textiles. John Ang.

  • Skull caps of Uzbekistan.  Tereza Hejzlarová.

Book Reviews


  • Indian Textiles, 1000 years of art and design by Karun Thakar, Rosemary Crill, Avalon Fotheringham, Sylvia Houghteling and Steven Cohen.

  • From Myth to Art: Anatolian Kilims by Ali Riza Tuna.

ORTS Summer 2022 working cover jpg.jpg

Spring 2022


  • Some Observations on Oriental Carpets in Eighteenth century interiors. Dimity Spiller.

  • Ikat Textiles from Sarawak in National Museums Scotland's Collection. Rosanna Nicolson.

  • A Japanese embroidered hanging in the Horniman Museum.  Julia Gresson et al.

  • Discovering Boro - Japanese mending techniques. Mamiko Markham.

  • Growing up with Carpets. Sofia Javadi.

Book Reviews

  • Nomadic Visions: Tribal Weavings from Persia and the Caucasus by Michael Rothberg.

  • Textiles of Indonesia: The Thomas Murray Collection. 


ORTS Spring 2022 cover.jpg

Autumn 2021


  • Discovering Albanian Kilims and Carpets Andy Dailey with Gentjan Ballazhi.

  • Journey of a Collection. Part Two Gaspard de Marval.

  • Historic world textile collection at Leeds University Library Jill Winder.

Exhibition Review

  • Baghs – Abstract Gardens Brunei Gallery, SOAS.

Book Review

  • Patterned Splendour: Textiles Presented on Javanese Metal and Stone Sculptures – Eighth to the Fifteenth Century by Lesley Pullen.

  • Textiles in Burman Culture by Sylvia Fraser-Lu. 

ORTS Autumn 2021 Cover.JPG

Summer 2021


  • The garden in Iranian textiles Friederike Voigt.

  • Journey of a Collection Gaspard de Marval

  • Good - Better - Best. Tekke Turkoman Engsis Angela Seger.

  • Jajam: The Lost Floorcloths of Rajasthan Suki Skidmore.

  • Balinese Temple Hangings Fiona Kerlogue

  • Susi Dunsmore in China Claude Delmas.

Exhibition Review

  • Epic Iran Victoria and Albert Museum


Book Review

  • Traditional Costumes of Saudi Arabia by Hamida Alireza and Richard Wilding 

ORTS Summer 2021 front cover1024_1.jpg

Spring 2021 


  • Weaving with gold: a look at some Japanese Buddhist textiles Helen Loveday

  • Manastir rugs and kilims Gavin Strachan

  • Industrialisation and the Import of Cotton Emma Slocombe

  • Katagami: Just a Paper Stencil Part Two Mamiko Markham

Book Reviews

  • How to Weave a Navajo Rug by Lynda Teller Pete and Barbara Teller Ornelas

  • Early Islamic Textiles by Friedrich Spuhler

  • The Persian Carpet: The Forgotten Years 1722-1872 by Hadi Maktabi

Front cover Spring 2021.jpg

Autumn 2020


  • A Carpet Ride to Khiva Chris Aslan

  • Bhavani Jamakkalam: The carpets of Tamil Nadu Bessie Cecil

  • How Nepalese textiles inspired Susi Dunsmore Angus Williams & Caroline Ware

  • Weaving Reproduction Carpets for Standen House, West Sussex  Pat Clark

Exhibition Review

  • Mediterranean Threads 18th and 19th century Greek Embroideries  Ashmolean Museum


   Book Reviews

  • A Royal Treasure  by Dale Gluckman et al.  

  • Traditional Indian Handcrafted Textiles by Anjali Karolia                           

  • Textiles, The Whole Story by Beverly Gordon

ORTS Journal Autumn 2020.jpg

Summer 2020

Farewell from Louise Teague


  • Textile book covers in the Shan manuscript tradition  Jana Igunma

  •  Jim Thompson: The ‘King of Silk’  Denise Heywood

  • Katagami: Just a Paper Stencil Part One  Mamiko Markham

  • Online Show and Tell 2020


Book Reviews   

  • Cloth that Changed the World: The Art and Fashion of Indian Chintz  ed. Sarah Fee

  • Chinese Dress: From the Qing Dynasty to the Present Day by Valery Garrett

  • The Golden Thread, How Fabric Changed History by Kassia St Clair

  • Kimono Couture: The Beauty of Chiso  ed. Vivian Li and Christine D Starkman

ORTS Summer 2020 cover.jpg

Spring 2020


  • The Oriental Carpet in Portugal Dimity Spiller

  • Edith Durham: textile collector and champion of the Balkans Gavin Strachan

  • In Memoriam: Dr Jon Thompson

Exhibition Reviews        

  • Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk (V&A)

  • Timor: Totems and Tokens (Museu do Oriente, Lisbon)


Book Reviews                

  • The Persian Carpet Tradition by PRJ Ford

  • The Flowering Desert by Nasreen and Hasan Askari

  • Thread and Fire by Linda S McIntosh

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