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March 16th 2022 at 19.00 GMT: Lecture by Rosemary Crill.

Lecture by Rosemary Crill: Four aspects of Indian Embroidery

Rather than attempting a survey of India’s many embroidery traditions, this talk will explore several separate aspects of Indian embroidery from the 15th to the 19th century, with a particular focus on groups of textiles that continue to raise questions of different kinds. These include embroidery in the pre-Mughal period; embroidery made for export to Portugal and Britain; embroidery at the Mughal and Deccani courts; coverlets (rumals) from the Punjab Hills and embroidery in South India.

Rosemary Crill is a former Senior Curator in the Asian Department at the V&A Museum (and erstwhile Hon. Sec. of ORTS). Her publications include Indian Embroidery, Marwar Painting, Indian Ikat Textiles, Chintz: Indian Textiles for the West and The Fabric of India (which accompanied a major exhibition at the V&A in 2015-16) as well as many articles in journals, conference papers and contributions to edited volumes.


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