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May 18th 2022 at 19.00 BST: Lecture by Jacqueline Simcox

Lecture by Jacqueline Simcox: Symbolism on Chinese textiles in the Ming dynasty, 1368-1644. Live at the University Women's Club. Doors open 18.00.

It is rare to see actual Ming textiles, since their fragility and fugitive dyes mostly keep them hidden from view and the light which might damage them. Their subject matter is hugely varied, but behind their surface presentation is a parallel world, available to the Chinese literati, where bats represent joy, cranes symbolise long life, tigers overcome poison and dragons amuse themselves on swings. This world of symbols, full of auspicious wishes, is one of charm and elegance.

Jacqueline Simcox is a private dealer specialising in Chinese silk textiles. She lectures regularly on Chinese textiles for SOAS (London University) and the V&A, has jointly authored a book on the Mactaggart Collection of Chinese textiles at The University Museum of Alberta, Edmonton, in Canada and contributed articles to various museum catalogues and magazines. She holds an exhibition in London each autumn, during ‘Asian Art in London’, where she is one of the directors.


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