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‘Chinese Indigo Dyeing’

19th SEPTEMBER 2018 at 7pm

A talk by John Abbate

BLUEHANDED’s ancient cultural heritage of hand-printed fabrics have a rich history and exciting contemporary future. Artisanal traditions of naturally dyed indigo ‘Lan Yin Hua Bu’ textiles are used for interior decor and fashion design. All the work is done by the hands of an Indigo Master and his family using locally sourced materials, which makes the fabric sustainable and ethical.

John Abbate, after 25 years of retail design experience with Ralph Lauren, Levi's and Alfred Dunhill moved to China as a retail brand consultant where he stumbled upon a beautiful blue and white cloth in the rubble of a Hutong in China. This discovery served as a starting point for his textile company. To John, luxury is in the unique perfect imperfection, individuality and craftsmanship that goes into the making of each length of fabric. He works with designers to create new patterns that keep the ancient traditions alive.


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