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‘Chinese silk textiles from the Warring States (405 BC - 221 BC) to the Tang dynasty, (618 - 906).'

23rd JANUARY 2019 at 7pm

Chinese, Northern Wei, 386-535. Width: 19.5 cms. Similar example in The Stein Collection, the British Museum.
A talk by Jacqueline Simcox

Jacqueline Simcox is a private textile dealer based in London and will discuss examples from museum and private collections. She currently gives lectures on Chinese textiles to the Post-Graduate Chinese course at SOAS, London University and to the Chinese and World Textiles courses at the V&A. 

The talk will focus on looking at the silk patterns, to see how they change over the centuries and how new influences affect them. Some technical information will be given about weaving techniques and there will be reference to museums where there are examples to be seen.


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