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Carpets from Tarim Basin and Tibet: and possible connections thereof

19th FEBRUARY 2020 at 7pm

A talk by Markus Voigt

Markus Voigt is a dealer in and a scholar of carpets and textiles, He was born in Germany and now lives in Kent. Markus has exhibited internationally and participated in specialist conferences as a speaker. He is a contributing editor to HALI, the London based magazine for antique carpets etc.

At a casual glance Tibetan rugs might be mistaken for those from Xinjiang / Uyguristan (Eastern Turkistan). The talk will examine how two neighbouring but very disparate cultures came to have commercial crossover in rugs prior to Chinese conquest of Tibet.

Author's Synopsis Once when flipping through an 1920's auction catalogue I spotted a

small black and white illustration of a three medallion rug. Thinking

that that would be quite an early depiction of a Tibetan rug I had a

second look and realised quickly that it was a Khotan. That led me to

reflect that these are the only two areas of carpet production that

produce this design so I searched for more similarities. More

similarities appeared, which led to the questions why? and how? The talk will show the examples I found that have identical motifs and try

to shed light on the possible reasons for the design influences and

trade relations.

For the last thirty years Markus Voigt has had a keen interest in all

aspects of the textile arts. He is a dealer in carpets and textiles

and has exhibited at the ICOCs in Hamburg, Milan, Washington, at

several ACOR conferences and at the HALI Fair. Alongside this, he has

given talks about a variety of textile subjects such as ikat, suzani,

Anatolian kilims, cashmere shawls at various museums, collector

meetings and conferences. He is a Contributing Editor to HALI, the

magazine for antique carpets and textiles.


>>> The Society has decided to move across Mayfair from Piccadilly to the University Women's Club in South Audley Square just behind the Dorchester Hotel.

This talk will be the first at the new location.

The University Women's Club

2 Audley Square




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