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The Column Motif in Ottoman Court Prayer Rugs and Beyond: a talk by Stefano Ionescu

18th NOVEMBER 2020

As an independent scholar on Oriental carpets, Stefano Ionescu has dedicated almost twenty years to the study of 16-18th century Anatolian rugs, starting with those which survived in Transylvania. Based in Rome, Italy, he has published extensively on the topic, including the award-winning book Antique Ottoman Rugs in Transylvania. Since 2005 Stefano leads carpet study tours in Transylvania and other regions. In 2019 at the HALI Celebrations he delivered the only paper related to Anatolian rugs of the event. He is the author of the only book about carpet fakes, Handbook of Fakes by Tuduc. Currently he is involved in a challenging program aiming to produce high quality replicas of 'Transylvanian' rugs in order to substitute those which survived in the churches. For additional information please visit the dedicated web site

Anatolian rugs from the Ottoman Empire b
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