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24th AUGUST 2020 at 6pm

This AGM has been postponed from earlier this year, covering 2018/19. This will be a Zoom event and be followed by a final thank you session at 6.30pm: firstly to Margaret Broadbent who will retire as the ORTS Membership Secretary during this AGM and then to Louise Teague following her retirement as Chair of ORTS after 17 years. 


  1. Ken and Louise at a pitstop between Isfahan and Yazd, Iran

  2. ORTS trip Group photos Iran

  3. Louise holding a napkin with Theresa to her right ORTS trip to Budapest 2001

  4. Louise Teague in Tehran 2015

  5. Picnic in countryside, Turkey 2008

  6. Tehran market 2017

  7. Outside Abbas's office, Tehran 2015 (Left to Right: Neville Kingson, Chris Lege, Elizabeth Bridges, Louise / Ken)

  8. Louise examining a 17th cent Turkish Ushak carpet

  9. Abbate talk 2018

  10. ORTS trip Group photos Iran

  11. Louise with husband Ken, outside Museum of Applied Arts Budapest 2001

  12. Louise on the Gujarat trip, India

  13. Louise with husband Ken, Gonbad e Qabus Iran 2017

  14. Louise, Belinda, Peter, Florence - ORTS trip to Istanbul 1990s

  15. Louise with committee members, Show and Tell at St. James Piccadilly 2017

  16. Abbate talk 2018 (Louise, guest speaker John Abbate and Roberto Campan at the talk Chinese Indigo Dying September 2018)

  17. Show and Tell 2016

  18. Louise left withAngela and Christpher Legge 2016

  19. Picnic in woods en route from Antalya to Konya, Turkey 2008


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