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17th November 2021 at 7 pm: Lecture by Janie Lightfoot

Every Thread Another Journey: A Story of Textile Conservation

Janie Lightfoot is a director and senior conservator at Janie Lightfoot Textiles LLP, which she established in 1977.

She leads a team of eight conservation specialists with a broad skill base, allowing her London studio to take on a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from large 3-dimensional textiles to fine intricate items.

Janie is an accredited conservator, and the studio has a long history of working with national and international museums, heritage houses, textile dealers, auction houses, private owners, palaces and the Church.

Her talk will explore some of the issues that come to light in textiles and textile-related object conservation, however big or small, in museums or private collections, looking at the difference between conservation and restoration treatments, preventative practice, pests, display and storage and the journeys travelled.

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