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24th February 2021: People of the Wind - a 1976 film about the Bakhtiari migration.

Antony Wynn, seen here dressed partially in Bakhtiari dress, introduced the film, broadcast to members via Zoom.

People of the Wind is a 1976 film about the Bakhtiari migration, directed by Anthony Howarth. Antony Wynn is the author of ‘Three Camels to Smyrna’, about the history of the Oriental Carpet Manufacturers Company.

Every spring, nomadic pastoralists from the Bakhtiari tribe, famous for their carpet-weaving, undertake a gruelling journey across the Zagros mountains to find new pastures. They face challenges from the difficult terrain and climate, but there is still time for the ups and downs of life, weddings and personal conflicts included.

The film is a sequel to Grass, made in 1925, and features descendants of the same Bakhtiari clan on the same migration over the Karun river and the Zardeh Kuh mountains. In 1977 the film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. 110 minutes

A trailer for the film is available at


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